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RS Sharma Ancient History PDF Download, IAS is the dream career of many students. Getting into IAS is not easy, but with some hard work and a lot of time, you can crack the exam. There are many things to study for the IAS exam, like English grammar questions, general knowledge questions, and even ancient history questions.

Ancient history is one of the most popular subjects on the IAS exams. The question papers will test your knowledge of pieces of information from different periods in history, everything from the Indus Valley Civilization to the Period. RS Sharma Ancient History PDF will help you to prepare for all those Ancient history questions.

Download RS Sharma Ancient History PDF

R S Sharma is an Indian author who has written a book on history. It is named “Ancient History” and its book no. is 1. This RS Sharma Ancient History PDF is not available on Amazon Kindle but it is available in the form of PDF. In this book, the author has described the history of India from 1857 to 1947.

Along with India, the history of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka have also been described in this book. It is a very good source of information for competitive exams aspirants who are preparing for UPSC, IAS, SSC, Banking, etc examinations.

“Ancient History” is the first of a two-volume set, providing an exhaustive account of ancient Indian history. In this book, Professor Sharma has given a detailed story of how India became India.

RS Sharma Ancient History PDF Download Book Details

Book Name: RS Sharma Ancient History PDF Download
Author Name: Sharma
Publisher: Crack Sarkari Exam
Published Date 6 March 2022
Genre Ancient History
Language: English, and Hindi
Size: 65 MB
Total Pages: 319 Pages
Format: PDF (RS Sharma Ancient History PDF Google Drive)

Topics of RS Sharma Ancient History PDF Download

  • Human Evolution: The old stone age
  • The Neolithic age: First food producers and Animal Keepers 
  • The Construction of Ancient Indian History
  • Chalcolithic cultures
  • Harappan culture: Bronze age urbanization in the Indus valley
  • Identity of Aryan culture
  • The age of the Rig Veda
  • The significance of Ancient Indian History
  • Modern Historians of Ancient India
  • Nature of sources and Historical constructions
  • Geographical Setting
  • Ecology and Environment
  • The Linguistic Background
  • The Later Vedic Phase: Transition of state and social orders
  • Jainism and Buddhism
  • Crafts, commerce, and urban growth
  • Rise and growth of the Gupta empire
  • Life in the Gupta Age
  • Spread of civilizations in eastern India
  • Harsha and his Times
  • Brahmanization, Rural expansion, and peasant protest in the peninsula
  • Developments in the philosophy
  • Cultural interaction with Asian countries
  • From Ancient to Medieval
  • The sequence of Social Changes
  • Legacy in Science and Civilization
  • Chronology of Literary sources
  • Bibliography
  • The territorial States and the First Magadha Empire
  • Iranian and Macedonian Invasions
  • State structure and the Varna system in the Age of the Buddha
  • The Age of the Mauryas
  • The Significance of the Maurya Rule
  • The Central Asian Contact and Mutual impacts
  • The Age of the Satavahanas
  • The Dawn of History in the Deep South

Benefits of RS Sharma Ancient History PDF Download

  • The RS Sharma Ancient History PDF is based on an extensive survey of archaeological findings and material evidence. Most importantly, it is based on a critical examination of ancient Indian texts – Buddhist, Brahmanical, and Jaina – to understand how Indians are from different parts.
  • RS Sharma Ancient History PDF Download covers not only the history of political rulers and dynasties but also the diverse ways in which people across the country lived and how they perceived their world.

RS Sharma Ancient History New Edition PDF Download

RS Sharma Ancient History PDF Download
RS Sharma Ancient History PDF Download

Download RS Sharma Ancient History PDF


There are many precious insights that the study of ancient history offers. But the most important one is to understand what is common to every time and place in human history, as well as what is different. It’s a fact that ancient history is not just a subject of interest to those who seek theoretical knowledge.

It’s also an important and practical field that deals with the evaluation and planning of existing heritage sites and the process of their conservation. does not own this book, neither created nor scanned. We are just providing the links already available on the Internet. If any way it violates the law or has any issues, then kindly contact us. 

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