Arihant Reasoning Book Pdf Free Download In English

Arihant Reasoning Book Pdf Free Download In English
Arihant Reasoning Book Pdf Free Download In English

Arihant Reasoning Book Pdf Free Download In English in English download, Arihant verbal and nonverbal reasoning book pdf, Arihant reasoning book pdf in Hindi download friends For the students, we will make it available for all the students in the Arihant Reasoning Book published today by Arihant Prakashan, Arihant master reasoning book pdf free download in English, which is a very important book to prepare for your various one-day competitive exams. Visit

In Arihant Publication Reasoning Book PDF, you will get to read VERBAL REASONING (18-TOPICS), LOGICAL AND ANALYTICAL REASONING (10-TOPICS), and NON-VERBAL REASONING (13-TOPICS). Which is very useful to prepare for your upcoming exam. Therefore, you should download all the students (Arihant Reasoning Book) through the links given below, and prepare the important topics given properly.

As you all the candidates will know that due to the reasoning of any competitive exam, how important is the subject, keeping this in mind in the Reasoning Book PDF created by our team “Arihant publication” for all of you students. Are sharing Which is very important for your SSC, CGL, Bank, Railway, Defense, UPSC, and other One Day Exams. Therefore, you must read and understand all the Candidates Arihant Reasoning Book well.

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Book Name: Reasoning Book For All Competitive Exams
Publication: Arihant Publication
Language: English
Pages: 402 Pages
Size: 102 MB
Format: PDF Type

Arihant Reasoning Book Pdf Free Download In English
Arihant Reasoning Book Pdf Free Download In English

Arihant Reasoning Books Content

Verbal Reasoning (मौखिक तर्क):-

  1. Coding – Decoding  (कोडिंग- डिकोडिंग)
  2. Classification (वर्गीकरण)
  3. Homogeneity test (सदृश्यता परीक्षण)
  4. Number and letter series (संख्या तथा अक्षर श्रंखला)
  5. Blood relation (रक्त संबंध)
  6. Direction test (दिशा परीक्षण)
  7. Logical puzzles  (तार्किक पहेलियाँ)
  8. Incorporation of justice  (न्याय निगमन)
  9. Logical way diagram  (तार्किक वे आरेख)
  10. Mathematical logics  (गणितीय संर्कियाएँ)
  11. Input – Output  (इनपुट – आऊटपुट )
  12. Hierarchy and sequence (श्रेणीक्रम और अनुक्रम)
  13. Linear, Circular and Complex Composite Systems (रेखीय, व्रतीय तथा जटिल मिश्रित व्यव्स्थाए)

Non-Verbal Reasoning (गैर-मौखिक तर्क)

  1. The series  (श्रंखला)
  2. The dice  (पासा)
  3. Classification (वर्गीकरण)
  4. Analogy  (सादृश्यता)
  5. Counting pictures (चित्रों को गिनना)
  6. Cutting, folding and folding paper (कागज को काटना, जोड़ना और मोड़ना)
  7. Picture completion (चित्रों को पूर्ण करना)
  8. Turn diagram  (सलंगन आरेख)
  9. Water reflection  (जल प्रतिबिंब )
  10. Mirror reflection  (दर्पण प्रतिबिंब)
  11. Calendar (कैलंडर)
  12. Clocks (घड़िया)
  13. Cube and Cuboid (घन और घनाभ)

Analytical reasoning विश्लेषणात्मक तर्कशक्ति

  1. Introduction to analytical reasoning  (विश्लेषणात्मक  तर्कशक्ति का परिचय)
  2. Statement and logic (कथन और तर्क)
  3. Cause and effect (कारण तथा प्रभाव)
  4. Statement and action  (कथन और कार्यवाही)
  5. Statement and conclusion  (कथन और निष्कर्ष)
  6. Assertion and reason  (अधिकथन और कारण)
  7. Statements and assumptions  (कथन और पूर्व-धारणाए)


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