Recover Deleted Photos and Videos on Android


Recover Deleted Photos and Videos on Android Using Android App, the most usable thing is an Android Phone. For Recording Memories, Photos, Videos, and so on. For these all things everyone uses a smartphone. Also, in today’s time office work is done on phone like editing or sharing important documents, pdf, images, and other things.

But what if you mistakenly delete your important files or photos or video or anything else.If you deleted your important files mistakenly. So don’t worry.


There are some applications and methods through which you can recover all the data you deleted recently.

Well, I prefer you that, take the backup of those things or files that are important to you. So that if in case you lost one, you have a backup to recover.

Now, let’s talk about our today’s topic that How To Recover Deleted Photos and Videos on Android by using some Android Apps.

Method 1 – Recover Photos and Videos Through the Google Photos app

Google Photos App is preinstalled on every Android phone. Through this, you can recover your deleted photos and videos very easily.

Google Photos App is like a Gallery application that is on your phone. You can watch your photos and videos through this application that is on your mobile phone. Also, you can click photos through this app.

Now, if you signed in, to this application, So definitely you can easily recover any photo or video you recently deleted. But if you are not signed in, to this Google Photos App, so you can’t recover your photo or video with this method.

Now if you signed in, in this Google Photos app and using it for seeing photos and videos and mistakenly delete the photos or any video through this app. So you can recover that photo or video easily.

And for this, you just have to click on the Trash option. And there you will see all the photos and videos that you deleted. Now click on that photo or video that you want to recover and then click on the option below RECOVER.

And done. You will get that photo or video back in your phone’s Gallery or storage. It is the easiest way to get back your media files to your phone.

You can do the same thing in Google Drive also. There are also some options by which you can recover your deleted photos and videos.


Now, if you do not use Google Photos App and instead of this you use any other application, so you have to use another method.

Method 2 – Recover Deleted Photos Or Videos Through EaseUS MobiSaver Data Recovery Android App

Now, if you didn’t use the Google Photos application and want to recover your deleted photos and videos through Android, there is the best method for you. You can do so, by using the amazing Android app EaseUS MobiSaver.

This data recovery android application is free and you can download and install it on your smartphone through Google Play Store.

The best thing about this application is, that it can recover your photos, videos, and also contacts, and sd card data without rooting.

Yes, many of the free data recovery applications available on the Google Play Store require root in your android smartphone. But this application does not require root permission on your smartphone.

Amazing Right!

So, to recover your data, first, you have to install this application on your smartphone through Google Play Store.

And then you have to click on Scan. Then wait for some time, until this application scans all the data you deleted recently.

After that, all the images and videos will be shown in your device that is deleted and not in your mobile storage. You can also filter some images and videos if you can’t able to find that which you want to recover.

After selecting all those files which you want to recover, just click on Recover.



You will get all those deleted images and videos on your phone back. This application works with rooted and non-rooted devices as well.

Also, it supported almost all the file formats which are usually smartphones support. And the best thing is that you can also recover your deleted contacts.

You can also recover the Whatsapp data or other additional things with this android app, but to do so, you have to purchase its premium plans.

Its premium subscription is also very affordable. If you mistakenly deleted some important things that this application recovers with a premium subscription. So it is worth purchasing the premium plan.

Extra Tip To Save Your Important Data

If you have any important documents, images, videos, files, or even contact numbers on your phone. You have to take the backup of all those files first. It is very important to have a backup first. Because sometimes no software and application can recover your data.

You can take the backup of your important files on pen drives, memory cards, laptops, computers, or even in Cloud Storage. There are lots of android application that provides cloud storage facility.

Through cloud storage, you can save your important files on cloud storage. This means that storage is not on your phone but on the internet. And no one can see that photo or video, only you can.

Google Drive provides cloud storage for free and for paid as well. This app is Already pre-installed on every Android smartphone. You have to sign up for this and upload your important documents, images, and videos on this application.

Google drive gives 15 GB of cloud storage for absolutely free to every user. And if you want more, you can purchase their premium subscription to get 100GB of Cloud Storage. And after uploading important files, only you can see those files.


So, taking backup nowadays is very much important. Because no one knows what will happen in the future. So for security take backup with Google Drive or you can use any Cloud Storage service that you like.

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