Best Christmas Apps For Android

The holidays are just around the corner, and whether you’re dressing up in a Christmas sweater or want to take your kids to see Santa Claus, some Christmas apps will get you in the Christmas spirit.

When it comes to the world of apps, you’ll find plenty to keep kids and older kids entertained, and to make it even more fun, we’ve put together a list of the best free Christmas apps for your phone.

As well as beautiful Christmas carols, these apps also have games and stories about Christmas and the holidays. These apps offer a variety of songs and many other amazing things too.

1. Christmas Countdown

This tracker and countdown app provides Christmas fans with excitement and entertainment with Santa Claus – a fun theme. Christmas Countdown is a fun app with animated Christmas characters and games for children and adults.

Every second of sleep makes the week and the days leading up to Christmas fun and entertaining while you count down the time remaining with this fun app heartbeat. Free of charge, it includes a live Christmas countdown wallpaper, Christmas wallpaper, games, and a countdown clock.

In the background, there is simple Christmas music, and in addition to the countdown application, there is a live Christmas countdown wallpaper, Christmas wallpaper, games, and a countdown clock.

Download – Christmas Countdown

2. Google Santa Tracker App

A few weeks before Christmas, Google’s Santa Tracker app has popped up in the Google Play Store. With the Android app and the web version of the tracker now live, Google is also updating it for iOS.

Clicking on it will see Santa flying over various landmarks in major cities around the world, and a camera system will show you the locations where he was spotted on NORAD’s Santa Cam.

Hilarious, the app also has a video of Santa having fun on his adventure around the world, and it also features a game that’s perfect for letting the wait for Christmas fly by.

There’s also a Santa Tracker Sticker Pack for Gboard, which means Android fans can make their Android devices feel more festive. One of the live feeds contains NORAD and the Google Santa Tracker, so the kids are really trying to track this man in red.

Download – Santa Tracker

3. Christmas Recipes App

This app makes Christmas delicious by helping you teach your children how to prepare dishes for the special occasion of Christmas.

The app also includes simple Christmas games – themed games that entertain even very young children. You can also download the portable North Pole, where children can receive calls and messages from Santa himself. There are also various toys for your children to choose from, such as a Christmas tree, a snowman, and even a Santa Claus.

As a bonus, the app also features a thin ice game in which Santa enlists your help to make a delivery in time for Christmas. As a great gift, this app contains various Christmas games – puzzle games for children and adults.

Download – Christmas Recipes

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