Best Android Applications For Bloggers

Best Android Applications For Bloggers, Android applications for bloggers are very popular nowadays. So many blogs are mobile bloggers that do not even have a computer or laptops, they are only using android smartphones to do blog writing.

To save some time, let’s talk about these best applications here. First of all, you will find that it is very easy to read blogs. In other words, everything on your screen will be visible, including the pictures and the ads.

You should remember that Google still pays top dollars for the most relevant content on the World Wide Web. So it is really hard to compete against Google.

That’s why there are many Android applications for blogs that make Google look like their competition. I guess you also know that the content of the blogs is made in a certain way.

It is not just an ordinary article, but it includes some of the best keywords that people use in searching.

Google Analytics App

Google Analytics is the most usable android application by bloggers and all the people who own one or more websites. Well, there are many benefits to using the Google Analytics android application.

First, you can use the application to track the performance of your website or blog. If you’re using Google Analytics, then the ability to track your visitors in this way is very easy.

All you have to do is go to your Google Analytics account, log in, click “Create Dashboard,” select “Google Analytics,” and then fill in the fields necessary for your dashboard to be created.

Second, the Google Analytics application will allow you to analyze your website or blog’s pages and determine what keywords are being used.

These keyword phrases can then be used to target traffic to your site and increase your page rankings in the search engines.

To access this functionality, you should go to your Google Analytics account and then click “Create Dashboard,” then click “Google Analytics.”

WordPress App

If you are looking to get the most out of WordPress for your site, then the best thing to do would be to look into the Android application. There are official and many third-party applications of WordPress available.

There are WordPress mobile apps available for both Android and iPhone users. There are also websites available where you can download the WordPress app for free.

This will allow you to use the WordPress applications while you are on the go. When you are not using your PC, the WordPress mobile applications are compatible with most of the current operating systems. Some of these devices even can upload to your Facebook page.

You may find that there are some problems associated with some of the available WordPress applications. But I would advise you to download this official WordPress android application from Google Play Store.

However, it’s free and premium both versions are available. You can upgrade to the premium version anytime while using the free version of the WordPress android application.

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